The Dog Days of Summer

A few months ago, when my kids were still in school, I remember thinking, “Wow, I can’t wait until summer break is here!  I’m going to catch up on so many things!!!”  Now here we are, with summer break nearly over, and I definitely don’t feel like I’ve caught up.  In fact, sometimes I feel like I’m even more behind.   UGH!

There was a glimmer of hope a couple of weeks ago when I was forced to cleanup and declutter.  I had agreed to host a party at my house, and it was a great incentive to do all the crap I’ve been ignoring. 

Being overly optimistic and energetic, I set the goal of unearthing the carpet in all three kids’ rooms.  They had become so overrun with playdate destruction and general mayhem, were forbidden territory to any grownup who would feel obliged to give me a lecture, and looked like something you would see on an episode of Clean House, or maybe even Hoarders.  But my family rallied, and things looked terrific by the time we were done.

The day of my party, I lit the Scentsy warmer with my favorite scent Sunkissed Citrus, and sat back.  It was wonderful to relax and enjoy a clean house that SMELLED awesome, chatting with friends.  OMG, it was the best night in a long time!  I have so many friends and feel blessed.

This whole month has been great.  Another birthday come and gone.  Been enjoying the bluetooth boombox and flowers.  And lunches with friends.  Got to use the serving tray at my Scentsy party, bonus!  Oh, and I also passed the NABCEP entry-level solar exam!  WooHoo!!!

But now I’m really looking forward to school starting back up!!!  I need my family back on a schedule…  apparently that’s what I need and is my only hope at productivity.

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