The Cat Lady Chronicles

A wild-eyed feral cat frantically scrambled out of the shed as hubby was putting something in there…. and then he found four newborn kittens. 

They were so tiny and helpless and small.

We made a makeshift nest of towels in a box and put that in the shed for the momma cat, and left bowls of food and water…. poor homeless mom with four extra mouths to feed.

But this momma cat was so feral that she snubbed the accommodations and moved the kittens.  For a week, we looked everywhere but couldn’t find them.  Finally, we discovered where she had hidden them — in the small space between the privacy fences.

She had split-up the litter with the two runty ones on the far side of the yard, and the two bigger ones at a different spot.  We rescued all four kittens, and they were so cold and lethargic and hungry.

We tried to catch the mom cat, but we never saw her again after that day.

After doing a lot of reading about how to care for newborn kittens, we bought milk replacement for kittens (like baby formula) and a cute little bottle.  Then we began the schedule of feeding these helpless creatures every 4-6 hours.

All that was nearly two months ago, and of course we grew terribly attached to these sweet kitties. 

We already had two adult cats….who have not been happy about the four rambunctious newcomers but are slowly making peace with the situation.

So, even after having a total of 6 cats under our roof, I got suckered into fostering another litter of four 4-week old kittens from the animal shelter.  They’ve been over run with kittens and were begging for help.  I just couldn’t resist.

Hand raising the liter of kittens was such a rewarding experience, I wanted to help some more little kitties, but I thought for sure my husband would ask for a divorce when I brought home 4 more kittens.

Just call me The Cat Lady: 5 humans and 10 cats.  ACK!

Well, having so many mewing mouths to feed made it easier to find a great home for two of the babies we hand-raised.  They went to live at a friend’s vineyard & winery in New Braunfels.

Next month, the 4 kittens I’m fostering will go back to the animal shelter so they can find a forever home for them.

Then, we’ll have “only” 4 cats in our house….unless we get suckered into keeping one of these fosters.  God help us.

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