In Perv News

This story is a follow up to Rot in Prision You Perv written in March 2011.

At that time, The Perv had been captured by U.S. Marshals in California after he fled Ohio.  After some attorney drama, he eventually plead guilty to charges and was sentenced to jail in November 2011.  He ended up in a federal medical center in Massachusetts due to being in a wheelchair and requiring numerous medications and oxygen.  He was released from the Massachusetts prison in July 2012.

Then he was extradited to Ohio to face criminal charges, and he was convicted of Third Degree Felony on two counts.  He was admitted to Montgomery County Correctional Reception Center September 14, 2012 and is currently incarcerated.  A search for him at shows that he was sentenced to two years.

There’s some solace in knowing he continues to be just a number in an institution and no longer a threat to anyone.  He’ll be released just before his 65th birthday.  Keep rotting in prison, you perv.

Easy & Healthy Applesauce

My kids love applesauce.  Ever since it was introduced to them as babies, they gobble the stuff right up.  But if you’re like me and read the ingredient labels on what is available in the store, you’ll notice your choices either have high fructose corn syrup (evil), have no sweetness or cinnamon in the natural versions, or you have to pay an exorbitant amount for organic.  Surely there’s another way.

Well, duh, make the stuff yourself, right?  Previously, a friend had posted a link to a crock pot version originally posted on, so today I decided I would give it a try.

ingredients for apple sauce

Start with 8 medium apples.  Use a combination of golden delicious, fuji, gala, granny smith, etc.  You’ll also need one lemon, a couple cinnamon sticks, and about 2 tablespoons of light brown sugar.

prepare the apples

Peel, core and slice the apples.

Place everything in the crock pot

Place the apples in a crock pot. Squeeze about 1 teaspoon of juice from the lemon and drizzle over the apples. Use a knife or vegetable peeler to get a strip of lemon peel, and place that in with the apples along with the cinnamon sticks and the brown sugar. Cook on low for about 6-7 hours, stirring occasionally, breaking up chunks.

After 6-7 hours, the sauce should be done.  Remove the lemon peel and cinnamon sticks.  We liked the sauce at this consistency, still having a few small chunks of apples, but you may wish to use an immersion blender or food processor to get the consistency you want.

Easy and healthy AND delicious!!

Grocery Shopping with Kids

I’m suppose to be planning a menu for the week and writing up a grocery list.  Instead, I’m goofing off, surfing the web, and writing this blog post because I’m so easily distracted.

Thinking about grocery shopping is enough to fill me with dread.  Actually, any kind of shopping fills me with dread because I usually have kids in tow.

Over a decade ago, I remember trips to the grocery store were rather uneventful… taking my time going up and down the isle, comparing brands, lost in my own thoughts, lingering over the ice cream section….

Now, I’d rather have a root canal than go to the store with 3 kids.  If they’re not whining about one touching the other, they’re tag-teaming me with an endless barrage of requests for some over-processed junk they saw on TV and want me to buy it.  Either that, or they’re fighting over who is gets to kill the battery on my phone.  God forbid one of them has to use the restroom.

Is it just me or do you wonder why, after you’ve loaded your purchases on the conveyor and you’re checking out, the clerk looks at you and asks, “Did you find everything okay?”  Seriously?  Do you think that’s the time to ask?

Like, if I forgot to pickup a box of laundry detergent or a carton of eggs, is someone going to go fetch it for me?  Because, inevitably, by the time I’ve wrangled all 3 kids to the register, it dawns on me that I’ve forgotten SOMETHING (usually the main thing I went to buy in the first place).

Well, I guess I should get back to making this list.  I hear the kids’ school bus, and they’re going to want something other than frozen peas for dinner.  Maybe I’ll use my cleavage and ask my husband to go, and I can just stay home with the kids…