My Newest Electronic Toy

It’s smooth & sleek…

Kick ass battery…

I’m talking about my new phone.  I’m now officially an Android user, and I LOVE it! 

Here’s how this went down:

My old phone was a Blackberry Storm.  It was a pretty sweet phone, had an amazing touch screen, and most of the time I loved it.  It took great pictures.  Video sucked, but oh well, what can you expect from a cell phone, right?  And I was happy with Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, and my favorite mp3’s….oh, and of course a couple of poker games. 

All was well. 

But then two and a half years went by, and lots of my friends had upgraded to smartphones or were using iPhones.  They would post about whatever coolest app they had or play Angry Birds while standing in the USPS line for a half hour.

Well, at least I can make a freakin’ call on my phone, friend.

I started looking for apps for my Blackberry, and there were a few good ones out there.  But it just seemed like all the ones I would be interested in using were not available for my particular Blackberry or not available for the Blackberry at all.

I get it.  Blackberry is all about businesss….not about using all that fluffy shit out there. 

And then it seems like whatever app I did have on my phone had some sort of issue that was way too complicated to understand how to get working.  Like, I never could get that damn Meterberry app to like the permission settings so that it would reboot my phone at night. 

Most apps I wanted on my phone ended up being honey-do list items for my husband.  And frankly, that just annoyed the crap out of me. 

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciated my husband’s hard-toiled labor in fixing and updating all the shit on my phone, but then I see commercials where Grandma was able to download and use Skype and Sudoku, so why the fuck can’t I?

Eventually my frustration evolved into me using threats of wanting an iPhone.

That might not mean much to you readers out there, but let me tell you, bringing an Apple product into this household is, I have learned, one of those unwritten, fine print kind of things that apparently was in our marriage contract as a strict no-no.

In truth, I’m fine with that, but my frustration was real.

So, right after Mother’s Day, hubby bought me a droid, and I’ve been giddy all week playing around with the Market, and then holy cow, I discovered Amazon’s free app of the day. 


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