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This story is a follow up to Rot in Prision You Perv written in March 2011.

At that time, The Perv had been captured by U.S. Marshals in California after he fled Ohio.  After some attorney drama, he eventually plead guilty to charges and was sentenced to jail in November 2011.  He ended up in a federal medical center in Massachusetts due to being in a wheelchair and requiring numerous medications and oxygen.  He was released from the Massachusetts prison in July 2012.

Then he was extradited to Ohio to face criminal charges, and he was convicted of Third Degree Felony on two counts.  He was admitted to Montgomery County Correctional Reception Center September 14, 2012 and is currently incarcerated.  A search for him at shows that he was sentenced to two years.

There’s some solace in knowing he continues to be just a number in an institution and no longer a threat to anyone.  He’ll be released just before his 65th birthday.  Keep rotting in prison, you perv.

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